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If your all hopes get faded and your life seems in complete darkness, there, then, you shall find me holding your hand and guiding you towards that thin ray of light gleaming in darkness..

New hopes you shall be blessed and few great reasons to live….. And out of that darkness you shall go, yet I, in that darkness shall stay forever, to guide many more like you….many more……many more….-lost!

And then, you should not seek my help any longer…………..!
For you shall learn to live, hopefully!…But if again, some demon curses you to darkness, I shall be awaiting your return……Only to help you once again….

Who am I? I am still figuring out, maybe I am bad, maybe good!..inshort I donot know, nor wish to! I hear voices, voices from within, talking…speaking, ordering….is it concience…Well, if it is, still alive, I name it  -The Punisher , and when some voice tries to make me smile, laugh, and be happy, I call it heavenly  -child!  Maybe I am blessed, blessed by two voices…The Punisher and the Child, but…, could it be curse too…! Like, sometimes I try to figure out..Who the heck am I, lost and trapped in this world between these two voices…like some  -mystery to be solved! Running away from light in darkness , and that also, to guide in – silence!

(PS: Due to plagrism issues, the links of my poems, articles and short stories have been removed!…You get these posers everywhere…Ah!)

I had been writing to  Young Times magazine , and for my past works you could visit, and yes, I’m still updating my past works as it takes some time to type!

Till then,
Allah Hafiz and…

Peace !!!!