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Beneath My Tomb!!

Beneath My Tomb!!

Beneath My Tomb!!

Beneath My Tomb!!

Listen, the music of my silent tomb

Beneath the soil, amid the frozen bones

Lay my poisoned, yet cozy bed

And many insects, for my time be passed

Forget me brothers, and my loved ones

Though many had already forgotten

If blessed some time, come here and sit

Or else, snakes or worms, continue your speak

Ah! There lies my wife, let her lie

There she is at rest, so am I

And far lays a man, yet again is cursed

Lies beside his wife, stops never her tongue

Passers remember me as you pass by

As you are now, long once was I

As I am now, so you will be

Though Death is out for free

-Sameer Ahmed Khan


A Heart that Questioned an Angel


A Heart that Questioned an Angel

A Heart that Questioned an Angel

Oh! Heavenly creature, do you wish to care?

And answer my doubts that I declare

Where are humans that once were born?

And those who ruled with love and not by hatred among?

Come whisper the truth if you wish to care

And be the light through darkness I fear

Lost I stand amid the many men

And reached the path from where I began

Will you not answer my plights and come down;

And wipe my tears and say, “It’s all right, son”?

Will you not ease my pain dwelling for so long?

Or walk my path and say, how it feels being all alone?

Oh be blessed the sky who taught me well

To hide my tears and cheerfully smile

I only joke, for I wish to hide myself from all

And laugh from fear of being left abandoned by all

For how long will you stop, stare and smile?

Not forever, but come down for a while

This night in sleep when I saw an angel bright

That night my soul left this world in fright

In world of heroes then, I found myself to be

Where the birds sang and danced the happy wind

And from far, an angel glanced and smiled

As if to say, that world was never meant for me!

-Sameer Ahmed Khan

Some Voices Remain Unheard!

As there I sat silent and idle

A dead small voice spoke to me

“Though you are so full of misery

Were it not better not to be?”

I thought it once, yet again I thought

What it said was right or not

Self blinded I was by my pride

And harsh seemed the world from every sight

But then, I recalled the worlds my father said

Look up through night, the world is wide

And when I pondered this thought

Arouse the dark moaning voice

“Though you are steeped in misery

Surely it were better not to be

Your anger will not let you sleep

And you cannot much think, but shall only weep”

A crystal silence was castled unto me

The words it spoke, cannot be ignored

Then I glanced the light piercing through sky

Some beamed mild and some with great intense

Could I too, like them make some difference?

Or be forgotten, in this world of sense?

Laughed there the voice that never laughed

But to tease the ones, who lost their path

“You have not gained any real height

Nor are you any nearer to the light

Your all hopes, shall be ended in smokes

Because the scale to go is infinite”

“Nay” I replied to the very voice

Such words may not bring me any closer to death

If, for you, I went to the world far away

And met death as you will to say

My funeral would go unwept, unhonoured and unsung

And people would speak of me in low

Doing dishonor, again to my clay

And such shame, my soul cannot bare

“This is more vile” he made reply

“To breathe and strive, to live and sigh

Than once from dread of pain to die

Useless you are, sick and ill

Fear of men, but a coward still”

“O dull one sided voice” said I

You will make everything but a lie

To flatter me that I may die

But I am a man, full of hopes

And your words for some, may be true

But these for me are piety jokes

I could as you say, rot like a weed

And meet death, the darkest shade

But will to sow, some generous seed

Which enlights the heart, that forgot to beat

And fruitful it becomes, pure of thought and deed

And wish to live, rather than sleep

I saw a man at his work

Rowing hard against the stream

Saw distant gates of Heaven gleam

Sowing himself in every wind

A didn’t dream it was a dream

And seemed to hear a heavenly friend

I recalled the words Tennyson said,

“A life of nothings, nothing worth

From that first nothing ere his birth

To that last nothing under earth”

But these thoughts comes to such

Having a healthy mind and owning a pure heart

Moreover, something is or seems

That touches me with mystic gleams

Soft, cold like breeze it feels

Like some glimpses of forgotten dreams

Of something felt, like something there

Of something done, I know not where

I paced my way through the forest

And felt the mystic smell enriching my Brest

Making me feel a man who always was blest

The leaves, the flowers why seemed so new

Alas! My frozen heart began to beat

Remembering its ancient heat

I passed the stream and wandered on

The dull and bitter voice was gone

But a second voice was at my ear

A little whisper silver clear

A murmur, “Be of a better cheer”

I smiled and asked it further

What is it you know, sweet voice?

“A hidden hope”, the voice replied

I wondered as I paced along

The nature was filled, so full with songs

There seemed no room for sense of wrong

Just the leaves dancing here and there

So different seemed all things wrought

I wonder how the mind was brought

To anchor out of many, one gloomy thought

And therefore, today I made a choice

To commune with that sweet voice

Then follow that said, “My men, rejoice rejoice!”

-Sameer Ahmed Khan

A Battle Within -Thoughts!

Battles, yes, they are fought everywhere every time some with weapons and some without. And yes, we too fight battles, but not with weapons, with ourselves, with our thoughts. Thoughts have the power to make us laugh or cry, or make ourselves appreciated or neglected, and it truly depends on how the person thinks.
One should be able to listen and understand what he truly thinks and what his intentions are. It so happens that when a new person enters in our life, mostly people judge him by his appearance and ultimately our thoughts pop up making weird guesses of his personality. And believe me; most of our own made guesses are wrong!
What if the face of the person doesn’t meet our requirements or the so called “Standards” It certainly wouldn’t mean that he is awful and unpleasant. But on the other hand one should fight these evil thoughts being produced and console himself by hoping that person to be respectable and virtuous. Not only this, but one should even reply to his own evil misguiding voice that may be what he is thinking is wrong.
Once you are able to recognize your Evil Thoughts, then only you could reply them correctly and that also from within. These thoughts are really strange creatures, sitting in the living room and recalling those funny incidents of yours does really make you smile for the moment, and if accidentally someone catches you up grinning, I’m sure those creatures would again take birth in that persons mind arising many questions like, why is he smiling? Is he laughing at me? Is he in…? And various other illogical questions burst upon his mind. Why doesn’t anyone at this point fight his own thoughts and reply himself, “What if he is laughing, I got my own work to do?” Sometimes these little thoughts ruin the mood of the person leading him highly depressed and at the same time even do wonders for one. Learn to control your thoughts, and if you cannot, then at least learn to reply them. The root of many evils are attached to these thoughts, some are mischievous while some are dangerous for ones health. But some thoughts are beneficial for the mind to, for example if one loses in sports he should calm himself by saying, “So what if I lost, I would try much harder next time” these thoughts are helpful rather than accusing himself, “I’m not good at any thing” Always try to generate optimistic thoughts for yourself and for others.
New Year has just begun, but for me, it is just like an ordinary day filled with mysterious hidden surprises awaiting us to discover them. Every day for one should be filled with positive meaningful hopes. And those hopes should be believed with such faith that you must believe that the coming day, my desire would be accomplished. I don’t know why I feel like saying this, but when I was a teenage, merely not too young; I had a silent desire which I never to anyone told. I wished from God to grant me some super powers of Spider Man! And after every prayer I wised for this ultimate desire. And believe me I had such firm belief in my hope, that for many days I tried to climb walls, and do many amusing things in order to release that Web of his. But it never came out. And now I still don’t know is it right or wrong but still a flame of hope for it still burns in me somewhere and I just can’t put it off.
I don’t say hope for such miracles, but at least hope with such firm belief that you can achieve anything you ever want. For me, ones mornings should be filled with hopes and plans to achieve them, and their nights in recalling all the thoughts that they ever thought throughout the day, or any bad deed that they ever did that might offend or hurt someone. Believe me that if you let two or three of your tears fall amid the night in asking forgiveness from the wrong that you had ever done, the next morning you might find your heart much lightened and fresh that you might had never felt before, such is the magic of asking forgiveness. This is not just a saying I copied, but truly is my experience and if you doubt it, what really is wrong in trying it just for once. Although some of our sins can only be forgiven from our parents and friends (but still one hope is yet alive here too) by just saying, “I’m sorry” to them, but this really is not as easy as it seems and I honestly know it. Over the net or just while writing it seems quite simple to say but being in real life, talking face to face is really a tough experience and does require a lot of confidence which I fear am not equipped with, so therefore I try my best not to hurt the ones I know.
Hope that all the YT readers would certainly have a very Happy New Year filled with many blessings and would surely win the battles fought in their minds, and spend each day with high hopes and every night in repentance for the wrongs they had done. For them, this world would be easy to live on.
To all the YT team I would wish HAPPY NEW YEAR although I know I’m late in saying this. Keep up the good work and yes, my little brother suggested in starting a magic teaching column in YT which I without quarreling agreed to ask for.

-Sameer Ahmed Khan

Battle Field

Earth is trembling, winds are howling
Clouds are thundering and men, fighting
Armor with gun, and I standing
Though bullet in arm, still breathing

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I lay down below, holding my blood flow

Hearing deaths and killings so loud
And watching my mates lying so proud
People killing people with guns drawn out
Will the rules ever fight? I seriously doubt

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
Long ago earth displayed its nature show

For many, I killed in this shameless fight
And for once, I did forget what was right
And blew them all, in great delight
Now their all screams, in heart strike

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I see devil glow, enjoying this fleshy show

Call the rulers to battle and die
Along with all who act their evil ally
And see for once how sweetly they lie
Hiding their fears from facing eye to eye

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I wish for their fatal blow, so they never crow

Dreaming of the fun I had in snow
But fell on ground with a sudden blow
“Sorry it’s my duty”, cried loud my foe
And bestowed peace, piercing my heart flow

Nowhere to go, eyes are so low
Ah! My friends and Oh! My foe
Why we fought? For I would never know
Although being dead, I am left to grow
In the hearts of young and wisdom who show
There peace would flow and freedom do blow
And earth is left with angels who glow

-Sameer Ahmed Khan

Peace shall come my friends, don’t get discouraged. There would certainly come a day when we could breathe in fresh air, no more worries for money, no more fears of being dead.
No matter how hard the enemy tries to bother our feelings, we would fight them all. Not with weapons, but merely with calming ourselves. We would not become the victim of anger and havoc, but would hold ourselves still and silently await the end of evils. What if our leader was shot? What if those culprits weren’t caught? We still wouldn’t ruin ourselves by the chaos the enemy created. Peace shall find its way, it always does.
Certainly there would come a day when no mortal would fight for the unspeakable land, or would discriminate himself from others. There would come a day, when no nations would exist, only one planet known as Earth and us merely its dwellers.
And there would exist such an environment where the cursed green goblin would never be invoked into the hearts of men. Yes my friends, jealousy shall never find its way to us. But yes, there shall exist one kind of jealousy in them, jealousy for doing virtues then the others. There, if one helps the poor by providing them 10 kg of wheat, there other men would stand up and provide 20 kg of wheat, such shall be the kind of jealousy they would hold.
Don’t get disheartened by the fact that peace wouldn’t come, but hold a firm belief in it, such a belief that would shaken the angels from Heaven. Only then peace could be attained.
An example of such firm believes I would like to share with you being it is very true in history. There lived a lady, though I am not sure of her name. Not very rich but had a firm believe on the blessings of the Ruler, which shall never betray her no matter what happens. One day, she invited few guests to her little cottage for dinner and had just prepared every few things she had. Just then a beggar pleaded her for food. At first she feared that she had only two Chapattis at present and what she would present before her guest, but later on hearing the awful story of the beggar she readily gave all what she had.
Then came the time for his guest to come, she talked to her guest hesitantly fearing what she would present before her guest. Times passed out, but then suddenly some one knocked at her door. As she went and interrogated, she found a servant of King had arrived at her door gifting 19 Chapattis. But these she didn’t accept as she doubted how would she an ordinary woman, come in the concern of King and sent him back for confirmation. Then after some moments the servant was found again at her door coming hurriedly and approving that these 19 chapattis belonged to her. But now again she couldn’t believe and ultimately sent him back for confirmation. Then again he came confirming and still she couldn’t believe and yet again she sent him back. After many trips of that servant he became frustrated and yelled in anger, “How could these 19 chapattis not belong to YOU?” at this she revealed that God have promised that whatever shall be spent in His way, one would be awarded double of it, and as since she spent 2 chapattis she should be getting 20 chapattis, not 19! At hearing this, the servant fell upon his knees, cried for forgiveness and said that while on the way he felt hungry and ate one chapatti assuming he wouldn’t be caught! Hearing this the lady readily accepted the gift and forgave him
Such firm must the faith of us in every aspect of life. And I believe God does not only double the rewards, but returns them by multiplying it with ten. No matter how much money you have, help the poor, give to young ones or gift them to your parents and then you might feel the blessings upon you showered, and would be in such numbers that you might not count them, perhaps you wouldn’t be able to hold them together. At least, for one time look down upon the fellow child begging for alms and give him a smile while helping him, or for once, feel the happiness and pleasure in providing one-time food for the poor and see how your deed brings a change in you, an eternal change. If such deeds are done, peace shall be and must be born.
No matter what it takes one should never abandon from the light of hope. Hope I believe is like a light that adorns and cheers our way, and as darker grows the night, it still emits a lighter ray, but it surely does. So long, peace shall come, and for it, I shall continue to hope though I have not the gift of prophecy, but shall continue to hope till it remains beneficial.

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