Battles, yes, they are fought everywhere every time some with weapons and some without. And yes, we too fight battles, but not with weapons, with ourselves, with our thoughts. Thoughts have the power to make us laugh or cry, or make ourselves appreciated or neglected, and it truly depends on how the person thinks.
One should be able to listen and understand what he truly thinks and what his intentions are. It so happens that when a new person enters in our life, mostly people judge him by his appearance and ultimately our thoughts pop up making weird guesses of his personality. And believe me; most of our own made guesses are wrong!
What if the face of the person doesn’t meet our requirements or the so called “Standards” It certainly wouldn’t mean that he is awful and unpleasant. But on the other hand one should fight these evil thoughts being produced and console himself by hoping that person to be respectable and virtuous. Not only this, but one should even reply to his own evil misguiding voice that may be what he is thinking is wrong.
Once you are able to recognize your Evil Thoughts, then only you could reply them correctly and that also from within. These thoughts are really strange creatures, sitting in the living room and recalling those funny incidents of yours does really make you smile for the moment, and if accidentally someone catches you up grinning, I’m sure those creatures would again take birth in that persons mind arising many questions like, why is he smiling? Is he laughing at me? Is he in…? And various other illogical questions burst upon his mind. Why doesn’t anyone at this point fight his own thoughts and reply himself, “What if he is laughing, I got my own work to do?” Sometimes these little thoughts ruin the mood of the person leading him highly depressed and at the same time even do wonders for one. Learn to control your thoughts, and if you cannot, then at least learn to reply them. The root of many evils are attached to these thoughts, some are mischievous while some are dangerous for ones health. But some thoughts are beneficial for the mind to, for example if one loses in sports he should calm himself by saying, “So what if I lost, I would try much harder next time” these thoughts are helpful rather than accusing himself, “I’m not good at any thing” Always try to generate optimistic thoughts for yourself and for others.
New Year has just begun, but for me, it is just like an ordinary day filled with mysterious hidden surprises awaiting us to discover them. Every day for one should be filled with positive meaningful hopes. And those hopes should be believed with such faith that you must believe that the coming day, my desire would be accomplished. I don’t know why I feel like saying this, but when I was a teenage, merely not too young; I had a silent desire which I never to anyone told. I wished from God to grant me some super powers of Spider Man! And after every prayer I wised for this ultimate desire. And believe me I had such firm belief in my hope, that for many days I tried to climb walls, and do many amusing things in order to release that Web of his. But it never came out. And now I still don’t know is it right or wrong but still a flame of hope for it still burns in me somewhere and I just can’t put it off.
I don’t say hope for such miracles, but at least hope with such firm belief that you can achieve anything you ever want. For me, ones mornings should be filled with hopes and plans to achieve them, and their nights in recalling all the thoughts that they ever thought throughout the day, or any bad deed that they ever did that might offend or hurt someone. Believe me that if you let two or three of your tears fall amid the night in asking forgiveness from the wrong that you had ever done, the next morning you might find your heart much lightened and fresh that you might had never felt before, such is the magic of asking forgiveness. This is not just a saying I copied, but truly is my experience and if you doubt it, what really is wrong in trying it just for once. Although some of our sins can only be forgiven from our parents and friends (but still one hope is yet alive here too) by just saying, “I’m sorry” to them, but this really is not as easy as it seems and I honestly know it. Over the net or just while writing it seems quite simple to say but being in real life, talking face to face is really a tough experience and does require a lot of confidence which I fear am not equipped with, so therefore I try my best not to hurt the ones I know.
Hope that all the YT readers would certainly have a very Happy New Year filled with many blessings and would surely win the battles fought in their minds, and spend each day with high hopes and every night in repentance for the wrongs they had done. For them, this world would be easy to live on.
To all the YT team I would wish HAPPY NEW YEAR although I know I’m late in saying this. Keep up the good work and yes, my little brother suggested in starting a magic teaching column in YT which I without quarreling agreed to ask for.

-Sameer Ahmed Khan