Earth is trembling, winds are howling
Clouds are thundering and men, fighting
Armor with gun, and I standing
Though bullet in arm, still breathing

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I lay down below, holding my blood flow

Hearing deaths and killings so loud
And watching my mates lying so proud
People killing people with guns drawn out
Will the rules ever fight? I seriously doubt

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
Long ago earth displayed its nature show

For many, I killed in this shameless fight
And for once, I did forget what was right
And blew them all, in great delight
Now their all screams, in heart strike

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I see devil glow, enjoying this fleshy show

Call the rulers to battle and die
Along with all who act their evil ally
And see for once how sweetly they lie
Hiding their fears from facing eye to eye

Nowhere to go, eyes cast low
I wish for their fatal blow, so they never crow

Dreaming of the fun I had in snow
But fell on ground with a sudden blow
“Sorry it’s my duty”, cried loud my foe
And bestowed peace, piercing my heart flow

Nowhere to go, eyes are so low
Ah! My friends and Oh! My foe
Why we fought? For I would never know
Although being dead, I am left to grow
In the hearts of young and wisdom who show
There peace would flow and freedom do blow
And earth is left with angels who glow

-Sameer Ahmed Khan